Meaningless Mess

This is a stage of life when we are in a fear based rut and usually cycle through one unpleasant or bad experience after another.

We believe someone or something is in control of what we do or don't get! It shows up as lack, scarcity and a sense of no worth. We struggle with relationship, health and finances.

Our minds wander  in confusion and we wonder why nothing ever changes; regardless of trying or not. One aspect of life or more simply appears to be meaningless.

We mostly feel sad, angry, depressed and confused.

Magical Manifestor

This stage of life is when we begin to get a clue about who we truly are and what we are meant to do.

We awaken to the understanding we are not disempowered.

We take responsibility for all our choices.

We let go of survival behavior and bring about change for the better by intentionally investimg our precious energies, in mindful thought, coupled with emotional feel goods; knowing this empowering combination will manifest the life we want!

 Magnificent Me

This stage of life is when we are fully conscious, and all of life changes for the better and is for the most part; consistently maintained.

We live an enchanted life because we are in a graceful flow of allowing ourselves to continually be inspired to fully follow our hearts.

We fully embody our authentic selves and live being the magnificence of who we really are. We stop asking what the meaning of life is because we are fully engaged in giving life meaning!  We use our wisdom, gifts and talents to help uplift all of humanity!

 We connect to our passionate purpose and launch our living legacy.

The Life Mastery Series
Meaningless to Magnificent!

This unique program is designed to assist you in repairing and restoring all aspects that make up the whole of your life; while integrating your heart, mind, body and soul to be your authentic self! The natural path with the real Steps to Effective, Successful, Life Liberating Change.

The 8 step series is empowering guidance in audio video book format from the convenience of your home, one on one private guidance by phone or Skype, or at a private retreat! You choose which one best suits your time and finances.

It is crafted with vital information coupled with effective tools and exercises gathered over the course of thirty plus years;  to specifically help you truly transform your world; by pinpointing your real problems and providing the genuine solutions for life liberating, long lasting results for peace of mind, strong vibrant body and a happy heart.

Applying the real resolve to overturn the deep seeded cellular based issues; is what needs to happen to stop that negative critic, the inner saboteur, who resides in fearful conditioned incorrect beliefs, and cannot seem to help itself from destroying your dreams just before they are manifest.

The amazing results for countless others and now for you as well, is you can be liberated from fearful limitations that cause you to live a mere survival existence.

You can leap into a mastey of a lavish joyful life; fueled by your greatest potential; where anything and everything is possible!

You not only deserve to; but can be empowered to live a mastered life!

This series is an intentional journey back to your Self-Mastery; your True Self and master self-love. It is a clear and precisely navigated road map; providing life liberating guidance. It is a course that will lift you out of your all consuming, limiting fear; transforming you from merely surviving to thriving in a joyful lavish life; filled with abunance of all wonderful things.

There are many different tools, applications and or modalities, available in the world today, to assist you with transforming your life from that of which you dread to that of which you desire.

Over the course of many years of healing my own negative conditioned behavior and beliefs that resulted in mental and emotional wounds; I have crafted very specific practical steps that have resulted in healing and shifting my life for the better. This specialized gift has also helped hundreds of others I have been blessed to guide out of the muck of survival into a joyful life filled with everyday miracles.

They are practical steps to guide you on your journey of remembrance, acceptance and activation of your authentic self.

They will guide you to live in the present; where you create from your heart; the focal point of all manifestation. You will find your true love, remember how to trust your intuition so you can easily and gracefully flow through life's changes by knowing which choice is right for you in any moment.

If you are ready and willing to do something truly loving and nurturing for yourself; the Steps of the Life Mastery Series will assist you in healing your heart, mind, and spirit.

The Program is now offered in audio video book format and can also be applied thru one on one personal facilitation or as a group workshops/retreats in a magical, supportive environment.

To better serve you and for  your peace of mind; Eloryia provides a 20 minute free consultation to help get to know each other better and to determine whether you are ready for self-mastery; making you a good candidate for this workshop, retreat or online guidance program. Schedule now with the button on the left.